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Dedication 18 

Faculty 22 

Graduates 42 

Year In Review 108 

Campus Events 120 

Sports 138 

Senior Week 178 

Graduation 196 

Portfolio 208 


" main campus 

Salem State College first opened in 1854 as the State Normal School at Salem, in 
the old Registry of Deeds at the corner of Broad Street and Summer Street. The 
School moved to its present address in 1896, and it consisted of one building then 
known as the Academic Building. In 1913 the Training School was built and in 1935 
it was renamed the Horace Mann Training School. At this time, building was halted 
and all attention was focused on the academic and extra-curricular activities of the 

In 1932 the formal name of the college was changed to State Teachers College at 
Salem. In 1954, the name was again changed back to State College at Salem. In 1955 
the campus began to take the shape of its present stature. In this year, a multi- 
purpose structure was built, housing administrative offices, a cafeteria, an auditori- 
um, a library, and a gym. 

The Business, Education, Arts and Science Building was erected in 1964, and in 
1966 the two dormitories, the Campus Center, and the Bell Tower were added to the 
campus. In 1969 the Academic Building was dedicated to Edward A. Sullivan, thus 

During the early seventies the college acquired many buildings, including South 
Campus, which opened in 1973, the Alumni House, the Education House, and the 
President's home. In 1974 the library was added to the Main Campus, and in 1976 the 
final architectural addition was made, the O'Keefe Sports Complex. In 1977 the 
Business, Education, Arts and Science Building was dedicated to Frederick A. 
Meier, and in 1988 the Campus Center was dedicated to George H. Ellison. 

Within the time we have been here, we have seen the beautification of the college 
grounds as well as the addition of South Campus dorms. Through these changes, we 
have realized its potential for growth. 



The 1990 Clipper has been dedicated to a person who has shown his committment to Salem State 
College for twenty four years. He is a very important part of the Geography Department, not only 
as an Associate Professor, but in his capacity as student advisor and in curriculum development as 

He has shown his dedication in many ways. He was a member of the Ad-Hoc committee for the 
establishment of the center for Ethic Studies, a member of the Ad-Hoc committee on Academic 
Advising, the advisor for the Student Government Association for three years, an advisor for the 
Geographical Society and a member of the Who's Who committee for many years. 

Among his other accomplishments was his published statement presented to the subcommittee on 
Human Rights and International Organizations of the the Committee on Foreign Affairs, the U.S. 
House of Representatives in 1986 and the Superintendent of Documents in 1987. This was the 
"Disposition and Status of the Albanian Minority in Yugoslavia". 

He was a member of the Danvers Historical Society and he has been there for the Program 
Council numerous times. 

But most importantly we have chosen this person because he is admired and respected by the 
students of Salem State College. 

We the yearbook staff are proud to dedicate the yearbook to Albert Tosches. 


Special Recognition 
The Child Care Center 

The Child Care Center has given twenty years of service to the community. The Center 
was started in 1970 by a group of students, faculty and administrators who believed that 
quality child care is an important part of the college community. The Center has given the 
non-traditional student equal access to higher education and the opportunity to complete 
their education. 




Frank Sullivan 

Shelby L. Adams 
Elissa Ananian 
Ana Guerra Hoel 
Patricia Johnston 
Thomas C. Leary 
Stephen Panosian 
Ingrida A. Raudzens 
Margers Raudzens 

Francis C. Quimby 

Nicholas E. Wagman 

Richard P. Keville 

Alfred L. Borgatti 
Susan M. Case 
Philip A. DePalma 
Glenn C. Flodstrom 
Elvin M. Fowell 
Antonio E. Harrises 
Rita N. McCauley 
Johnes K. Moore 
Marvin L. Roberts 
Matthew F. Sak 
Wayne D. Steinhour 
Edward F. Sweeney 

Virginia F. Keville 

Anita V. M. Shea 


William T. Appleyard 

Jeffrey A. Berman Linda J. Coleman Mort Ettinger 


Theodore Hansen 

Robert Harlow 

Richard Hill 

Joseph Kennedy 

John Kenney 

Douglas Larson 

Gordon Spangler 

John Mack 

A. Richard Anderson 
David Barry 
Valerie M. Bockman 
Madeline Brady 
Massoud Farahbakhsh 
David M. Jacobson 
Lillian O. Little 
Peter Mazareas 
Jean M. Nellenback 
Deborah A. Olimpio 
Jackson Paul 
Carolyn J. Ryan 
Gerald Sussman 
Susan C. Wheeler 


And Office 

Geraldine A. Fera 
Francis E. Morey 
Rose O. Pareti 
Everett H. Rudolph 

William E. Adams 
Vern V. Berry 
Mary Cavallaro 
Myles D. Glaser 
Bojan Pomorisac 
Richard T. Wester 

Sofia Chernin 
Joseph S. Kasprzyk 
Anita S. Read 
Leonora A. Subrizio 
John W. Telford 
Joan G. Wuterich 



Edwin F. Morin 

Joseph Szymanski 

Robert E. Briney 

Louis Theriault 

Robert Wang 

Kooyoung Kang 


Dorothy Siden 


Eugene A. Calabro 
Henry A. Lucas 
Andrew T. Pawlack 
Dorothy Siden 
Karla A. Wesolowski 


Roda P. Amaria 
Joyce A. Calogero 
Stephen J. Clarke 
Helen Constant 
Daniel L. Crotty 
James Devine 
Jo-Anne Murphy 
Bernard W. O'Rourke 
Mary-Lou B. Sherr 
William A. Spohn 
Louise B. Swiniarski 

Marjorie R. Empacher 

Edna Mauriello 


Michael Antonakes 

Harold Bantley 

Roger Barry 


John Speziale 

Carl Stecher 

Mary Kathleen Burke 
Matthew W. Cooney 
Mary E. Devine 
Francis P. Devlin 
Joseph T. Flibbert 
Andrea J. Gendron 
Bruce E. Gilman 
Ellen Golub 
Patricia A. Gozemba 
Charles K. Kenosian 
William E. Mahaney 

George Torrey 

Eileen G. Margerum 
Harriet M. Masembe 
John W.P. McHale 
Patricia L. Parker 
Karin T. Rhodes 
William A. Robinson 
Gail S. Sheehan 
John P. Steele 
Ann M. Taylor 
Ellen B. Vellela 
Joseph Williams 
Mark B. Zaitchik 


Milagros Emmart 

William Clark 
Edwin L. Francis 
Leonard M. Friedman 

Stanley Finkenthal 

Alex Quiroga 

Henri Urbain 

Robert H. Arnold Arthur A. Francis John L. George 

Richard T. Anderson 
Kent Barnes 
Mildred Berman 
William L. Hamilton 
Katharine S. Heiligmann 
Stephen Matchak 
James M. Mclntire 
Stuart D. Shaw 

Assem Badaway Lindley S. Hanson 


John Fox 

Minor McLain 



Charles F. Ames 

Ann Malloy 

Joan M. Maloney 

Mary-Emily Miller 

John Donaldson 


Edward McGlynn 

Harold Pinkham 

James T. Doyle 
Philip S. Fischer 
Robert LaSota 
Paul D. Marsella 
Vincent F. McGrath 
Terrence P. O'Donnell 
Judith P. Saunders 
Melden E. Smith 

Henry G. Stenberg 

William Thomson 


Yuk K. Cheung 


Kenneth Griswold 

Harold Harutunian 

Woon-Chung Lam 

Joyce E. Anderson 
Martha L. Difazio 
Robert Kalechofsky 
Thomas J. Kyrouz 
Robert F. Mooney 
Radha G. Nath 
Mary L. Piatt 
Arthur J. Rosenthal 
Peter C. Wong 


Major John J. Arval 
Maj. Sgt. George Burdette 
Cpt. John Deans 
Sgt. Michael Lipomi 

Jamal Shahin 


0 ^ 

Antone J. Aquino 

Nancy Bodenstein 

William Carmody 

Dirk Hillyer 

Margo Simon 


Barbara Poremba 

Alice Salter 

Carole Schultz 

Susan E. Anderson Joy B.J. Garland 

Maureen K. 

MaryJane Barry 
Mary E. Coppola 
Dale K. Defort 
Ellen S. Eaton 
JoAnne H. Evans 

George J. 

Barbara D. 

Marie E. Jensen 
Martha A. Lombard 

Mary Walmsley 

Maureen J. McRae 
Leah A. Sak 
Kathleen L. Skrabut 
Caroline S. Stone 
Ruth T. Sweeney 
JoAnne M. Turco 
Beverly A. White 



Marion Winfrey 

Daniel Gordon Elizabeth Haran J. Craig McLanahan 

Pesi J. Amaria 
Elsie P. Telford 

Abdul Momen Philip Vaccaro 

Salvatore Desimone Kevin Funchion Edward Meagher 

William Donlan 
Krishna Mallick 
James E. McGregor 

Adeleke Atewologun 

John W. Harper 

Gilbert E. Scharfenburger 

John Hennessey 


John Hanson Patricia Markunas Cesareo Pelaez 

Carl Smith Marcia Weinstein Perry Yanow Leonard Zani 

Kenneth C. Basilio 
Charles Budrose 
Paul G. Ronco 
Janet C. Stubbs 
Margaret E. Vaughan 
Andrea S. Zeren 

Carol Facella Edward LeClair 

Wojciech Cebulak 
Robert A. Jerin 
Patricia J. Ould 
Raymond W. Sagedy 

Theresa Bouthot Carol Deanow 


Sylvia K. Faulkner 
Sarah Greenberg 
Kasumi K. Hirayama 
Christopher G. Hudson 
Leroy H. Pelton 
Patricia L. Roderick 
Marguerite G. Rosenthal 

Pharnal Longus 

Lois Martin 

Aluma Motenko 


Gerdes Fleurant 

Kenneth Maclver 

Arthur Gould 

Gerald Tatten 

Geertje Wiersma 

it : 


Bette Bailey Nancy Clifford Joan Duda 

Patricia A. Everitt William Gillis George Jacobson Joseph Lavacchia 

William Cunningham Charlotte Ettinger 


Myrna Finn 

David George 

Elizabeth Hart 

Sally Russell 

Helen Watson-Felt Patricia Wheelock Ruth McClain 

Margaret Abbott 
Thomas Freeman 

Victor Catoggio 

Steven Gardner 
Linda Jones 


Gretchen Szczechowicz 



Kristen Aberle 

Business Administration 

Kimberly Abisso 

Elementary Education 

Samar Abu-Zahra 


Linda Albanese 

Business Administration 

Michelle M. Aldred 

Elementary Education 

Scott E. Alexander 

Aviation Science 

Richard G. Ajuhan 


Lisa M. Amore 

English Literature 


Debra Anderson Jeffrey F. Anderson Dawn L. Angelopoulos Thomas April 

Early Childhood Education Computer Science Art Business 

Diane Arguropoulus Alison Yip Wo Au Christina Avery Linda Baker 

Marketing Accounting Art Early Childhood Education 

Christopher Barry 

Sports, Fitness, and Leisure 

Madelyn Barry 

Elementary Education 

Nicole Bates 

Sports, Fitness, and Leisure 

Thomas W. Batt 


Lisa M. Beers 

Early Childhood Education 

Michael P. Bello, Jr. Stephen M. Bemis Maria E. Bengtsson Daryl A. Benoit 

Business Administration Marketing Geography Cartography 


Cheryl Jean Bishop 

Art/Graphic Design 

Stacy Black 

Early Childhood Education 

Joseph E. Blake 

Business Administration 

Ben J. Blanchard 

Business Administration 


Colleen Bliss Chelby Lee Blodgett Susan Bonin Cheryl Ann Border 

Business Administration Nursing Elementary Education Nursing 

Richard Bourque Michael Joseph Bowden 

Business Administration Criminal Justice 


Robert Michael Bowen Tracy Bowen Leo J. Boyle, Jr. Kathleen M. Breen 

Business Administration Social Work Political Science Nursing 

Jeffrey E. Brenner Alfred J. Bresnahan Laura Broughton Kathleen A. Brown 

Aviation Computer Science Business Administration Geography 


Christopher Butler 

Computer Science 



Jenny Cahill 

Elementary Education 

Christine Calandra 



Kimberly A. Caldwell 



Timothy M. Byrne 

Criminal Justice 

Diane M. 



John D. Cagnina 


Michael Carbone 

Sports, Fitness, and Leisure 

Marybeth Callahan 

Early Childhood Education 

Joyce Ellen Cameron 

Elementary Education 

Nancy Campbell 


John P. Cardile 



Claire Cardillo 


Bonni L. Carey 

Sports, Fitness, and Leisure 

Patrick Carey 


Michelle Caron Kathryn Carpenter 

Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education 

Beverlee Carrabis 


Georgia Chidouras 

Business Administration 

Linda Cialdea 

Elementary Education 

Susan L. Cimmino 

Business Administration 

Thomas E. Ciulla 

Art/Graphic Design 

Elizabeth E. Clapp 

Early Childhood Education 

Jane Clark 

Elementary Education 

Melissa Clark 

Elementary Education 

Paula Kristi Coates 


Nancy Cochrane 

Business Administration 

Margaret Coffey 

Business Administration 


Janet Colameta 

Early Childhood Education 

Diane Marie Colby 




Melissa Coleman 

Business Administration 

Heidi Collins 


Juliann Collins 

Elementary Education 

Julie Conley 


Carla Consolmagno 

Early Childhood Education 

David A. Cook 

Elementary Education 




• in 


Katherine Crowley 

Office Management 

Sheri F. Daley 

Early Childhood Education 

Paul Matthew Dantas 


Kimberly Deangelis 


Patricia Ann Decoste 

Business Administration 

Michele Dandreo 

Business Administration 

James Day 


Lucy E. Dearborn 



Joseph G. Demarco 



Danielle M. Deputat 



Erin R. DeRosa 

Early Childhood Educatior 

Leanne Desantis 

Office Management 

Susan Doherty 

Early Childhood Education 

Stephanie Desimone 


Doreen Detour 

Early Childhood Education 

John J. Devillez 

Criminal Justice 

Kenneth Diggins 


Susan Dinicola 

Business Administration 

Helen M. Donahue 

Elementary Education 


Tracey M. Doolittle 


Edward Driscoll 

Criminal Justice 

Melanie Dupuis 

Business Management 

Kelly J. Durgin 


Robyn A. Elliot 


Gretchen L. Elliott 


Sharon L. Elliott 


Kristin Esposito 

Business Management/ 


Cora Evans William R. Fahy Brian Farrell Dennis P. Fazio 

Elementary Education Aviation Science Accounting Sociology 

Domenico Ferragamo Catherine Ferrante Robert Figenbaum Christina Filonowicz 

Aviation Science Business Administration Business Management Business 

Administration/ Accounting 

Esta Faith Finkelstein Julie Anne Finn Christine Fiorentino Brian Fish 

Elementary Education Business Education Elementary Education Business Administration 

Cara Florio 

Business Education 

Caroline J. Follansbee 

Sports, Fitness, and Leisure 

Kathleen Frithsen 

Geography Travel/Tourism 

Anthony A. Fruciano 

Computer Science 

Sherry Lynne Fuller 


Michelle Gallant 


Brenda Gallo 


Administration/ Marketing 

Carol Ann Galluzzo 

Elementary Education 

Amy L. Gauthier 

General Studies 

WW * 

Claire-Marie Gauthier 

Business Management 

Maureen Gauthier 

Early Childhood Education 

Deborah Cellar 


Donna Louise Gentile 


Susan Joy Gershman 



Lisa Gibney 

Business Management 

Maria L. Gillis Michelle Girard Wendy Gladu Eileen M. Gleason 

Elementary Education Business Administration Social Work Sociology 


Margaret Godfrey 

Office Administration 

Robert J. Golder 

Aviation Science 

Raymond Terry Gorman 

Sports, Fitness, and Leisure 

Stephanie Gove 

Graphic Design 

Jill Govoni 

Social Work 

Paul Grasso 


Dennis M. Gray 

Business Management 

Nancyellen Gray 



Ellen Grinder 

Elementary Education 

Charles J. Gualtieri 

Office Management 

Alexander Gulino Nancy Gutro 

Sports, Fitness, and Leisure Early Childhood Education 

Jennifer M. Haas 

Office Management 

Lisa Hallinan 


Linda Anne Hamilton 


Sharon M. Hannon 



Gregg Hooper 



Karen A. Houle 

Computer Science 

Stephen Michael Hughes 


William J. Iacopucci 

Business Administration 

Kristen Ioanna 


Donald H. Jackson 


Susan M. Janiak 



Christine Marie Kearny Kristy Keenan Pamela M. Keenen 

Early Childhood Education Art Elementary Education 


John F. Kelleher Amanda Clayre Kelly Scott King 

Art English Marketing 

Kathleen A. Kulesza 

Social Work 

Suzanne King 

Office Management 

Lynda Koehler 


Cheryl Labrecque 



Karen Linskey Scott Litalien Jennifer Lyn Look Pierre Loubert 

Elementary Education Criminal Justice Business Administration Art 

Bettiann Luparelli Mambwene Wamba Sherry Lyons Keith W. Maccabe 

Biology Luvewakio Early Childhood Education Business Management 

Business Administration 75 

Lisa K. MacCalone Pamela F. MacDonald Leah Marie MacGilvary Jodi Mack 

Office Management Business Administration Business Education Office Administration 

Peter A. Mancuso 

Computer Science 

Nanette Mariano 


Stephen Martel 


Lynn A. Manfredonia 

Elementary Education 

Noreen Marie Marks 


David B. Marsan 


Susan M. Martineau 

Business Administration 

Michelle Martorana 


Terrijoan Marden 

Political Science 

Debra Marsolini 


Rachel Mason 



Brenda M. McMahon Denise M. McMahon John McMahon Ronald McPhail 

Office Administration Geography Economics Marketing 

Heidi Miller 

Early Childhood Education 

Jonna E. Milk-rick Mirian Miranda Michael Mitchell Kevin P. Monahan 

Nursing Office Management Biology Criminal Justice 


James P. Mondello Jr. 

Business Administration 

Lori Ann Moscone 


Karen Mulholland 


Cathleen M. Murphy 

Physical Education 

^ attenpri.. o "- 
"* A)' tj fa. the 

Kelly Murphy 


Loretta Murphy 


Robert J. Morais 

Sports Fitness and Leisure 

Katherine Mpelkas 

Business Education 

Cathleen M. Murphy 


Mary C. Murphy 

Business Administration 


Tracy Nazaroff 


Robert Murphy 


Laura J. 



Sandra M. Nocivelli 


Diane E. Nelson 


Ralph J. Nelson 

Business Administration 

Jody Nichols 


Paul K. Mutch 

Business Administration 

Michelle Nickolau 


Marie Noel 

Business Administration 


Michele O'Brien 


Mary Lou O'Connor 


Helen O'Keefe 


Brian J. Olsen 

Computer Science 

Hiroko Oriyama 

Business Administration 

Kirsten Palmquist 

Business Administration 

Alexander Pagliarulo 


Andrea Pampalone 


Angela Pagliuca 

Business Management 


/ i 

v 4 


Amy Panagakis 

Early Childhood Education 

Susan Palmieri 

Graphic Design 

Donna Marie Paolilli 

Elementary Education 



Rosa Pinto 


Allison Pleau 

Social Work 

Kathleen M. Poirier Andrea Polselli 

Business Administration Early Childhood Education 


Kelly A. Powers 


Janna Preman 

Sports Fitness and Leisure 

Frantz Prenelus 

Social Work 

Linda M. Pysczynski 


Anne Marie Quealy 


Ellen Raftery 

Elementary Education 

Lynn Queeman 


Delores Salley Ransom 

Elementary Education 

Robert Rasmussen 

Business Management 

L 9 

David Rawson 


Ellen Razzaboni 

Early Childhood Education 

Kelley A. Reale 


Patricia Reeves 

Elementary Education 

Debra A. Register 

Theatre Arts 

Marian J. Reid 

Business Education 

Christine Lynn Renko 


Cheryl A. Reynolds 




Maryann Roderick 

Business Education 

Crista Rozas 

Elementary Education 

Michael Rodrigues 

Criminal Justice 

Michelle M. Rorick 

Office Administration 

Kathy Ann Ross 

Business Administration 

Kelly Ann Ruggiero 


Mark Runson 

Elementary Education 

Jill Russell 

Sports, Fitness and Leisure 

Kristine Ryan 


Maribeth Ryan 


Maureen Ryan 


Michelle Ryan 




Marzena Sarnicki 


Maria M. Silva-Alcala Craig Silverman Lisa Marie Sinatra Laura M. Skaling 

Business Administration Political Science Office Management Business Administration 

Joann Slevin 

Criminal Justice 

Vered Sobel 


Christina A. Sowa 

Office Management 

Jennifer A. Smith 

Business Education 

Michelle Smith 

Business Administration 

Nancy Snow 



James G. Southard 

Fire Science 

Ann Marie Spak 

Sports Fitness and Leisure 

Sharon L. Spencer 

Business Administration 

Wayne A. Sprague 

Business Administration 


Suzanne Story 


Joanne M. Sullivan 

Elementary Education 

Sandra Stosez 


Jeffrey J. Stromberg 


Deborah Ann Sullivan 

Business Administration 

Allyson Summers 


Barbara Swan 

Elementary Education 

Joseph C. Sweeney 

Sports Fitness and Leisure 


Darlene Tower 

Sports Fitness and Leisure 

Lisa L. Tropeano Tonya Urban 

Business Administration Sports Fitness and Leisure 

Patricia A. Vadala 

Business Administration 

Scott C. Trefry 


Scott A. Tremblay 

Political Science 

Robin Vadala 



Sandra M. Vadala 

Elementary Education 

Vasilios Vagenas 


Diana Vargas 


Valerie Ventura 


David C. Walsh 



Lisa Ann Walsh 

General Studies 

Marion E. Walsh 

General Studies 

Kathleen M. Ward 


Maryalice Ward 

Sports, Fitness, and Leisure 

Richard D. Warner 


Philip Washburn 


Cecelia Washington 


Lynette Watson Susan M. Webster 

Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education 

Michael J. Weinberger 



07) 3t- -i 

Daniel Williamson 


Karen Wood 

Political Science 

Glen Wilson 


Brenda Wiswell 

Elementary Education 

Enoch Wong 


William P. Wrinn 

General Studies 

Sabina Zarazinski 

Social Work 

Teresa Zarro 

Business Administration 


Too Scary For Film! 

Lynne Aboujaoude 

Paul Castonguay 

Jeanette Dugas 

Dennis Higgins 

James Accomando 

James Cerbone 

Maureen Dullea 

Tracey Higgins 

Robert Ahearn 

Richard Cerulo 

Liam Dundon 

Christopher Hillick 

Denise Albert 

Catherine Cheetham 

Madeline Dunn 

Mary Hillsgrove 

Edward Alcantara 

Paul Cianci 

Patricia Durney 

Thomas Hinds 

Johanna Allen 

Lisa Civitareale 

Sandra Eastman 

Kathleen Holahan 

Joyce Allen 

Regina Clark 

Sherly Eddy 

Ronald Holloran, Jr. 

Stacy Amara 

John Cloutier 

Stephanie Ellison 

Pamela Holmberg 

Paul Anderson 

Tina Cobuccio 

Holly Englehardt 

Kerry Hook 

Charles Angeramo, Jr. 

Anthony Cogliano 

David Errico 

Michelle Houde 

Christine Anwaye 

Aimee Cole 

Kristin Esposito 

Albert Howes, Jr. 

Christopher Arata 

J. Colella 

Wendi Everton 

David Howshan 

Bruce Arlington 

Carey Collins 

John Fay 

Stephania Hunter 

Holli Armstrong 

Scott Collins 

Steven Ferrant 

Edward Hutchinson, Jr. 

Nancy Armstrong 

Cynthia Connors 

Karen Ferranle 

Lisa lacuzzi 

Pamela Arnofsky 

Lisa Constantine 

Fernando Ferreira 

Marsha Jackson 

Michael Arute 

Pauline Cook 

Jeanme Fern 

Karen James 

Susan Ash 

Sandra Coombs 

Sean Ferrick 

Kevin Janvrin 

Jacqueline Atherley 

Christine Corcoran 

Deborah Ferris 

Robert Janvrin, Jr. 

Joseph Atkinson 

David Cornelius 

Stacey Ferullo 

Lisa Jesionowski 

Paula August 

Elizabeth Cote-Sigsbury 

Mark Fiato 

Eric Johnson 

Sheila Austin 

Michael Cothern 

Robert Figenbaum 

Victoria Johnson 

Elyse Averbook 

Mark Cotreau 

Donald Fitch 

Hlynur Jonasson 

Susan Babbitt 

Robert Cotter 

James Fitzpatrick 

Scott Jones 

David Bader 

Timothy Cotter 

Paul Fitzpatrick III 

Sheila Jones 

Annmarie Bagarella 

Tara Cotton 

Paul Flaherty 

Carl Jones. Jr 

Daniel T. Bagley 

Lori Creilson 

Kathleen Fletcher 

Terrence Jones, Jr. 

Amy Bailey 

Joseph Cresta 

Lynn Flury 

Leonard Joseph 

Scott Baker 

Nicole Crisafulli 

Donna Foster 

Wendy Julien 

Stephanie Bakos 

Dino Crognale 

Neil Frasca 

Michael Karavetson 

Sandra Baldwin 

Peter Cronan 

Marque Fraser 

Steve Kayser 

Deborah Bannon 

Anne Marie Cronin 

Patricia Freeman 

Christopher Kealey 

Carline Baptiste 

Patricia Cronin 

Sherry Fuller 

Robert Keane 

John Baron 

Susan Cross 

Mary Furey 

Paul Keating 

Lesley Baxter 

Barbara Croteau 

Denise Gafanhao 

Paul Keeley 

Mark Bechard 

Katherine Crowley 

Nancy Gagne 

Rebecca Keene 

Gary Beck 

Maryanne Crowley 

Kimberly Galante 

Carol Kelley 

Heidi Becker 

Elizabeth Cullen 

Beth Garry 

Theresa Kelley 

James Belew 

Ann Culley 

Darren Gauthier 

John Kentell III 

Kristine Bergman 

Jane Cummings 

Sue Geesey 

Anne Marie Keuerleber-Hier 

Michael Berry 

Gary Curcio 

Rena Geomelos 

Sarah Keyes 

Brian Berte 

Kristen Curry 

Donald Geraghty, Jr 

Kathleen Kieran 

Jonathan Bettger 

Cherylyn Cutone 

Angelina Gesualdi 

Annmarie Kiley 

Maureen Betz 

Robert D'ambrosio 

Stephen Ghostlaw 

Moira Kiley 

Cindy Bills 

Raymond D'amico 

Noel Giard 

Paula Kilfoyle 

Stephen Blackwell 

Diane D'eon 

Courtney Gilman 

Julie Kirby 

Paul Blanchard 

Dana Daprato 

Elisa Gilmore 

Karyn Kirchner 

Albert Blanchette 

Kathleen Daggett 

Valerie Giordano 

Kevin Kirk 

James Blouin 

Rachel Dahan 

Michelle Girard 

Susan Kolifrath 

Ann Bogart 

Philip Daigle, Jr. 

Lori Gleason 

Olga Kouris 

Patricia Boghos 

Susan Dakin 

Vladimir Glezer 

Philip Kowalski 

Cheryl Borden 

Michelle Daley 

Tina Glyptis 

Janine Lafond 

Paul Bossi 

Pellegrino Damore 

Victor Gonzalez 

Mireille Lafrance 

Ann Bouchard 

Laura Danielius 

Mary Linda Good 

Kathleen Labadini-Conary 

Paul Boucher 

Helen Darmetka 

Jessica Goodwin 

Cheryl Lancaster 

Nancy Boushell 

Tina Dattilo 

Paula Graham 

Matthew Lane 

John Bowen 

Elizabeth Daughney 

Jean Grande 

Donna Laundry 

James Bowler 

Joseph Davis 

Joanne Grande 

Beth Law 

Clifford Boyer 

John De Villez 

Mark Graney 

Eleen Law 

James Brangiforte, Jr. 

Richard Defrancesco 

Marcia Grant 

Victoria Lawler 

George Brannen 

Darlene Defranzo 

Tina Grasso 

Christopher Lazzaro 

Rosemary Brennan 

Frank Deruosi 

Annmarie Gray 

Nancy LeClair 

Diane Bresette 

Patricia DeSanctis 

Lisa Gray Duffy 

David Levasseur 

Richard Bretagne 

Norene DeYoung 

Cheryl Gregory 

Debra Levin 

Charles Brewer 

Paul Debreceni 

Sharon Greig 

Cynthia Levy 

Gary Bndson 

Shirin Dehmand 

Regina Grier 

Scott Lewis 

Robert Brown 

Julie Dempsey 

Kathleen Griffin 

Ronda Lezberg 

Elizabeth Bryan 

Kathleen Denton 

Rita Griffin 

Alicia Logan 

Kenneth Burkinshaw 

Danielle Deputat 

Thomas Griffin 

John Lombardo 

Elaine Burns 

Edward Deschene 

Barbara Grimes 

Kenneth Lord 

Brian Burpee 

David Devin 

David Grochmal 

Jeanne Lordan 

Peter Burridge 

Roseann Dicato 

Virginia Grose 

Manuela Lorenzi-Kayser 

Tammy Butkiewicus 

Jessica Diluca 

Diane Guethlen 

John Lucey 

Angelina Butters 

Gina Diresta 

Susan Hagearty 

Renato Luis 

Bonnie Byrne 

Jacqueline Diaz 

Karen Hammond 

Gamal Lumumba Nkruman 

Timothy P. Byrne 

Kenneth Diggins 

Tracey Hanley 

Kathleen Lundy 

John Cafasso 

Cheryl Doherty 

Julie Hanoian 

Michael Lupo 

Jennifer Cahil! 

Steven Doig 

James Haran 

Shawn Lynch 

Victor Cail 

Patricia Dolan 

Genie Harding 

Susan Lynch 

Laurie Camire 

Joseph Donato 

Julie Harding 

Stephen Macadams 

Elizabeth Campbell 

Lisa Donovan 

Maureen Harrington 

Pamela Macdonald 

William Capell, Jr 

Tiziano Doto 

Anthony Harrises 

Leah Macgilvray 

Joseph Capobianco 

Darlene Doucette 

Karyn Harvey 

Patricia Macgregor 

Lyn Capodanno 

Lauri Dow 

Laura Hatch 

Janelle Maclean 

Joseph Cappellucci 

Robert Dowd, Jr 

Slylianos Hatzikiriakidis 

Lisa Macmillan 

Michael Caraglia 

Sue Downing 

Linda Hayes 

Robert Macneill 

Sheila Carpenter 

Mary Doyle 

Philip Hayes 

Daniel Macdonald 

Jennifer Casaceli 

Michelle Doyle 

John Herrera 

Stacy Macomber 

Christopher Casey 

Barbara Drainoni 

Kelly-ann Hickey 

Barbara Macquarne 

Martin Castles 

Kevin Driscoll 

Mary Hickey 

Douglan Maddox 


Michael Mageary 
Julie Maher 
Matina Maheras 
Alison Mahoney 
Elise Mahoney 
Bernard Malonc 
Peter Mancuso 
Lisa Maney 
Michael Maniadi 
Whitney Manning 
Elizabeth Mansfield 
Kathleen Marchant 
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Francisco Marquez 
Traci Martin 
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Tammy Meehan 
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The San Francisco Earthquake 

On October 17, 1989 at 5p.m. an earthquake which registered over 6 on the Richter scale hit the San Francisco 
area. The quake interrupted the world series, caused a major highway to colapse killing and trapping hundreds of 
people, and sparked many fires throughout the Bay area. 


Cincinnati Reds manager Pete Rose, one 
of the greatest players in the history of base- 
ball, was banned for life from the game 
because of gambling. The baseball commis- 
sioner found that Rose bet on his own team. 



When the long awaited and high- 
ly touted Batman movie was re- 
leased, the public went wild. Bat- 
man Mania had struck. This was 
undoubtedly the movie hit of the 
year, producing over $200 million in 
revenue. The Campus Center Pro- 
gram Council also got caught up in 
the Batman Mania and decided to 
show the movie at the S.S.C. audito- 
rium. The event was a big hit Over 
400 people came! 


Hurricane Hugo swept through the Caribbean and slowly made it's way to the coast of the United States. It hit 
110 Charleston, S.C. where the 135 m.p.h. winds caused billions of dollars in damage. 

The Alaska Oil Spill 

The Alaska oil 
spill occurred on 
March 24, 1989, 
when the oil tanker 
Exxon Valdez ran 
aground in Prince 
William Sound. It 
was the worst oil 
spill in history. A to- 
tal of 1 1 million gal- 
lons of crude oil cov- 
ered the area and 
created an environ- 
mental nightmare in 
that pristine area. 

I NBA Superstar 
Kareem Abdul- 
Jabbar hooks one of 
the last shots in his 
professional career 
after 20 years, six 
championships and 
38,387 points, the most 
in pro history. 

2 Tour de France 
winner Greg 
LeMond embraced his 
magic bicycle on the 
cover of "Sports 
Illustrated" after being 
named Sportsman of 
the Year. 

3 California Interstate 
880 pitched and 
heaved Oct. 1 7 when 
the quake hit. 
Registering 7.1 on the 
Richter scale, it 
claimed 67 lives and 
caused $6.5 billion in 
property damages. 
^Voyager II captured 
^ a false-color image 
of Neptune on its way 
to an endless journey 
into interstellar space. 

5 A maniacal grin lit 
the face of the 
Joker (Jack Nicholson) 
in Warner Bros.' action- 
adventure film 
^> The People's 

Liberation Army 
crushed a human 
barricade to regain 
control of Tiananmen 
Square, the site of a 
month-long pro- 
democracy protest by 
one-million Chinese 
students and workers. 

■ ■ 

J Barbie hit the Big 
3-0 in 1989. The 
eternal teen has come 
a long way since her 
introduction and now 
enjoys a trendier look 
and richer sales. 

• A weary President 
Bush announced 
U.S. troops had 
invaded Panama Dec. 
20 on a mission to 
capture General 
Manuel Noriega on 
drug charges. 

9 Fireworks sizzled in 
the Paris sky, 
illuminating the Arch of 
Triumph during the 
200th anniversary of 
the French Revolution. 
East met West 
for the first time 
in 28 years following 
the destruction of the 
Berlin Wall. Berlin 
youth danced near 
Checkpoint Charlie in 

Im New Kids on the 
| Block took the 
pop music scene by 
storm with their No. 1 
hit single/Til Be Loving 
You (Forever)." Group 
members are Jon 
Knight, Danny Wood, 
Joe Mclntyre, Donnie 
Wahlberg and Jordan 

■ a It's not a secret 
H anymore. The 
radar-eluding B-2 
stealth bomber was 
displayed for the first 
time in Palmdale, 

I Anti-communist 
protests flourished 
in the Eastern Bloc 
including Bulgaria 
where 50,000 people 
demanded the arrest of 
former Communist 
party chief Todor 

2 Hoisting their World 
Series trophy is 
outfielder Rickey 
Henderson, reliever 
Dennis Eckersly, Series 
MVP Dave Stewart and 
third baseman Carney 

3 Actor-comedian 
Arsenio Hall made 
his debut as a late- 
night talk show host on 
"The Arsenio Hall 
Show." Robert DeNiro, 
left, was among Hall's 
celebrity guests. 
^Tm not finished 
^yet,"said Mick 
Jagger when the 
Rolling Stones 
embarked on a 36-city 
$70-million tour, the 
band's first in 10 years. 

5 Paula Abdul, a 
former Los Angeles 
Lakers cheerleader, 
sang and danced her 
way to four MTV 
awards for her hit 
single "Straight Up." 
Auto designer Mark 
Jordan unveiled a 
new classic, the Mazda 
Miata, which became 
one of the hottest- 
selling sports cars in 
the U.S. 


J Cincinnati Reds 
manager Pete Rose 
was thrown out of the 
game for the last time 
after evidence revealed 
he placed bets on his 
own team. 

• Televangelist Jim 
Bakker waves 
goodbye for 45 years 
after being found guilty 
of 24 counts of fraud 
and conspiracy. 

9 Douglas Wilder 
flashes the victory 
sign after capturing the 
Virginia governorship 
and becoming the first 
elected black governor 
in U.S. history. 

Soviet President 
Gorbachev promised 
Pope John Paul II the 
USSR had changed its 
attitude on religious 
freedoms during the 
first-ever meeting 
between a Kremlin 
chief and a pontiff. 

n Eleven-million 
gallons of crude 
oil swirled on the 
surface of Alaska's 
Prince William Sound 
after the tanker Exxon 
Valdez ran aground, 
creating the worst oil 
spill in U.S. history. 

n Hurricane Hugo 
ravaged the 
South Carolina coast in 
September, leaving $3 
billion in property 
damages in its wake. 


This young quintet from Boston have been compared to Rock and Roll greats like The Beatles and the Rolling 
Stones. They present a streetwise but good-guy image. Pictured here from left to right: Danny Wood, Joe Mclntyre, 
Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight and Jon Knight. Could the Knight brothers possibly be related Keith? 


ft r-J r X """Wn^^t IP E'l M - 


4^ e jlI 

1st Place "Janet Jackson" 


Harley The Lunatic! 


On October 18, 1989 students from Massa- 
chusetts state colleges and universities assem- 
bled at the state house to protest budget cuts. 
These cuts, which were not reversed as a result 
of the rally, led to the dismissal of many class- 
es and teachers from many schools. 

Program Council's 
Salem State Viking! 





The Lady VikingS 

der the' guidance of ninth 
year coach Tim Shea, 
posted their eight straight 
22-or-more-wins in a sea- 
son while earning an 
NCAA Postseason Tour- 
nament bid for the eighth 
consecutive year. SSC 
also captured the MAS- 
CAC for the seventh year 
in a row. 

The Men's Basketball Team, under the 
direction^" third year head coach Jim 
Todd, weft selected to the NCAA Divi 
ion 3 postseason tournament foe t he sec 
lght season. SSC prodWtd a 20- 
all record and finished second in 
XSCAC during the regular season 
nd first ever postseason conference 
tournament. After an 0-2 start the Teams 
15 wins over their next 17 games tojlrm- 
y establish themselves as one of tfl 
ion 3 programs in New EnglaWI 



The Baseball Team, under the 
eighth year head coach Ken Per- 
rone, returned to postseason tour- 
nament play for the seventh time 
in tie past eight seasons. SSC 
irked the first MASCAC base- 
ball title for the College since 
1973. The Vikings earned a final 
New England Division 3 Coach- 
es' Poll ranking of No. 8. Perrone 
also reached a personal milestone 
when the Vikings defeated SE 
Mass., 10-5, in the final regular 
season game for his 200th career 


The Wlmen's Soccer Team were selected for the 
NCAA Tournament for the second straight year. 
Competing in just their fourth season as a varsity 
programMhe Vikings posted some important wins 
while takng on their toughest ^F^tt0^t0^\ 

The VBleyball Team place^lj^iers'uS 
MASCAj for the second straight year shfl 
ond place title. SSC also hosted the lOf^H 
SSC Invitational which featured four of tfl 
Division! programs in New England. 

The Gymnastic Team, under the direfl 
head coSh Carla Scuzzarella, finished |H 
this yeas New Enj^^ Championship! 
the Divilon 3 re^HHtle J 

der the guidanc 
clerc, entered the season 
be its last and they flourished wit 
swimmers and/or divers represent 
^j^^ew Engl and D ivision 3 cham 
ason, the SSC 



e college at 
ships. At the 
letic council 

The W( 

l's Swimmint 

Hlf Team, guided by first 
Driscoll, were selected to 
Hampionships. SSC was 
■present New England, fii 
ft out of the 20 colleges w 
i day, 72 hole tourname 
Rolf course. They also p 
colleges for the 1 3th time i 
lament appearances. t 

^ear head coach 

inpete at the 
only institu- 
;d an impres- 
competed in 
it the Indian 
d among the 
their 22 nation- 






Acting President Of Salem State College 

Kenneth J. Mcllraith assumed the post of Acting President of Salem State College on May 18, 1989. Immediately 
prior to this, he served as one of eleven members of the Board of Trustees of the College. He served as acting presi- 
dent until the search for a permanent president could be completed, and he did so for no compensation. 

Mcllraith is well known to the North Shore business community as former president of Essex Bank, a position he 
held from 1969 to 1984, until Essex Bancorp, Inc. and the Conifer Group Inc. of Worcester merged. He then served 
as president and CEO of the Conifer Group Inc. until 1987, when Conifer was acquired by the Bank of New 
England. Mcllraith stayed on as Vice-chairman of the Bank of New England, a post he retired from in 1988. 

Born in Buffalo, N.Y., Mcllraith was educated at the University of Pennsylvania in the Wharton School of 
Finance and Commerce, from which he received a B.S. in Economics and a Master's in Business Administration. 
Upon graduating, he worked for the Ford Motor Co. in Detroit before accepting a position as administrative Vice 
President and treasurer of Moog, Inc. Prior to joining Essex Bank as president in 1 969, Mcllraith served in a variety 
of executive and CEO positions. 

Mcllraith, who in 1981 was named the founding chairman of the Board of Trustees at SSC, was re-elected to that 
position in 1982, and was reappointed as a trustee in 1985 when his original term expired. 

He has been active in a number of professional and community organizations including serving on the Governing 
Council of the American Bankers Association, acting as chairman of the Massachusetts Bankers Association, and 
being founding president of the North Shore Economics Council. He was also formerly past president of the Boy 
Scouts of America, North Bay Council, and senior warden of the Christ Church of Hamilton and Wenham. 




Christine Preskins 

Paul Madison (Head Puzzle Executive) 
Martha Kennan 
Liz Rogers 
Cara Florio 
Brenda Gallo 

Lisa Hallinan (Sports Photos) 

Michelle Bucci (State House Photos) 
Doug Rosette (Candids) 
Anna Ginnetti 
The Log 

And Everyone Who Took Photos! 

The Program Council, Past, Present, and Future 

Year Book Associates 
The Dedication Committee 
Patsy Bugden 
Maureen Cohane 
Helen Watson-Felt 
Louisa Atkinson 
Kirk Manning 
Joe Field 
Ben Blanchard 
Ken Mclver 
Debbie Mauro 
Andrea Pampalone 

Tom Roundy and The Athletic Department 

Patty Wheelock 


Tom Keeley Michael 'The Photographer" Crescitelli